Just two crazy kids who love travel, eating, friend-making, creating, and storytelling.

Q: What in the heck are you doing?
A: We’re artists, musicians, writers, photographers, and storytellers who have decided to get rid of most everything we own in order to live on the road.

Q: Where are you planning on traveling?

A: At this point, we’re focusing on the United States (with a smattering of Canada). Why not explore our own backyard!

Q: How do you make money?
A: We make money on the road. Seth is a videographer/producer, and he can work from anywhere that has internet (thank goodness for Starbucks!). Carrie is a writer who makes a buck or two copyediting which also just requires internet. We also pick up odd jobs here and there!

Q: What equipment do you use for your photography/videography?
A: We use a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 60D (we’re a Canon family) as well as a small production setup that fits nicely into our car.

Q: What car do you travel in?
A: A 2001 Subaru Outback with a Yakima on the top for storage!

Q: Where do you get your mail?
A: We receive mail at:

Seth & Carrie Schaeffer
PO Box 1842
Grand Junction, CO 81502

Q: Do you really live out of your car?
A: Mostly, we stay with friends, family, and complete strangers, but we are fully equipped to live out of our car.

Q: How long do you plan on traveling?
A: We’re not quite sure. That’s the fun thing about this sort of thing: it’s not planned.

Q: What led up to the two of your traveling?

A: We kind of felt like stuff was taking over our lives. We had a house and two storage units full of our stuff, and we were tired of feeling owned by possessions. We kind of also wanted to rip ourselves out of the American Dream by putting ourselves in less-than-comfortable living circumstances–like traveling.

Q: To date, what are the worst and best experiences you have had?
A: Worst: Seth got a tick (and if that’s the worst we have it, we’d say we’re doing pretty good.”
Best: As cliche as it sounds, we find something so easy to love about pretty much any place we’ve been. We love seeing our friends and family–it kind of makes a place for us that much better.

Q: How can I suggest a cool place to check out?
A: Go to Contact Us and let us know!