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Catching Up

No, your computer/internet are not broken. Yes, Seth and I have been MIA from Short and Hat for a long time. But now, we’re back, and posting this feels like exhaling after holding it in for a very long time. … Continue reading

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A Humble Thank You

Seth and I have just been absolutely bowled over by all our friends, family, and complete strangers who have rallied behind us in support of our Gain video.  From all corners of our social sphere, people have come out of … Continue reading

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How to Stay Musically Current on the Road…for Less!

Seth and I have thrown it into super-get-rid-of-things mode, so our personal belongings are looking kind of sparse.  After ripping all my CDs to my iTunes (and tossing all those annoying, cracked jewel cases), I’m finding that my computer is … Continue reading

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I remember as I kid I always used to sign my named with a little addendum at the end “Future President of the United States.”  As a small girl of eleven, I seriously thought that one day, I would be … Continue reading

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Savvy Blogging Summit Recap

Both Seth and I agree that this year’s Savvy Blogging Summit was a complete success.  We had so much fun learning about affiliate programs, SEO, LLCs, etc…  It was pretty much just an overall kick in the pants. As announced … Continue reading

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