Back on our Side of the Mountains

Because of our recent big news, we decided we needed to be closer to family.  Seth is still going to do a lot of work on the Front Range (primarily because that’s where most of the work is), and I’ll be nestled into our quaint little home in Grand Junction, just two minutes away from my mom and dad.

We had quite an experience moving from Fort Collins, however.  I’ll let Seth tell it in his own words:

Our Movers

“When Carrington and I decided to hire movers from a Craigslist ad, we had no idea who was going to show up. We can say though, we did not expect to see Andy and Andrea Andrews. We’re not sure how old Andrea is, but Andy is 76. After a short battle between our principles and prejudices, we realized they knew what they had signed up for. After all, who are we to say no to a willing and able couple that wants work?

With little help from us, the furniture and boxes were no longer in the basement and the moving truck was loaded up.

We were inspired by their work ethic and willingness to work!”

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