A newer, better version of Short & Hat

We are artists.  Travelers.  Striving storytellers and people-enjoyers.  We love community, love technology, love nature, and love to share it with you.  We realize there’s a lot we’ve not shared with you here (as it’s not as “travel” specific) but we feel that should change.

Short (Carrington Schaeffer) is a writer, sewer, knitter (thanks A from Tangle!), hiker, and wife.  She’s not a fan of pre-9AM and loves learning.  She loves to be in community, loves to listen, and loves to learn about other people.

Hat (Seth Schaeffer) is a director (Hoptocopter™ Films) and Musician (You Me & Apollo). He’s a lover of coffee, community, music, and traveling, and loves producing films.  He’s also not the early morning guy but usually has a few cups of coffee before Short wakes up.  He’s all over the country for gigs with his film company and band.

It’s time we start posting more, eh?

Short’s going to start sharing in her process as a writer and life-observer.  Hat’s going to start sharing as a tech guy, director, and musician.  Short and Hat will still post when we have a traditional Short and Hat post.

So what’s changing?

You’ll still see it all here.  You can keep everything the same, but as we start adding more content, you’ll be able to subscribe to either EVERYTHING, SHORT, or HAT…. separately.

Tech peeps can follow the Hat post, Writers and other artists that don’t care about the latest camera can follow Short’s post.  Die-hards (like our awesome friend Becci! :) can still just follow everything.

We love you all and we are excited to start sharing a whole heck of a lot more.





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3 Responses to A newer, better version of Short & Hat

  1. Meg says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Becci says:

    1. I’m honored to be a die-hard! What can I say, I like to keep current on my friends’ lives. =D

    2. It’s really unfortunate that sewer (one who sews) and sewer (where our poop is) is spelled the same. When I read Short’s description I thought, “Wait, what?!” Ooohhhh, a sew-er! Got’cha. LOL!

    3. Holy COW I’m a nerd! Sheesh, it’s getting worse the older I get. =P—

  3. Becci says:

    P.S. Looking forward to the new format/content!

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