Why We Love the iPad

We were saddened when we heard about both Steve Jobs‘ passing the Apple torch to a new CEO as well as his passing away from complications from pancreatic cancer. We’d like to state that Short and Hat as well as our film company, Hoptocopter Films, wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for Jobs’ innovation, creativity, inspiration, and fierce dedication to pursuing his vision for Apple.  Rest in peace, Steve.

In honor of Steve Jobs, we’re highlighting our favorite Apple product. We both own this bit of fantastic technology, and we’ve both found it indispensable in our traveling.

As a Reader
Carrie’s Comments

What happens when you’re both a big traveler and a big reader? If you’ve ever traveled extensively with books, you know that trying to keep them pristine or, at the very least, in any kind of moderately good condition is nearly impossible. Book these days are expensive, and I find it’s a shame when books inevitably get trampled on the floor or their bindings get broken from stuff shifting all around the car.
When Seth first mentioned getting me an iPad, I was against the idea. They’re expensive plus I love the feeling of holding, smelling, reading a real live book. However, when I finally held my very own iPad in my reluctant hands, I, almost overnight, changed my tune.

I am a lover and reader of books.  At any given time, I am reading several books at the same time.  The iPad just works for me in that I can take all my books with me while I travel with one small, highly compact device.

Books in the public domain, which includes hundreds of classics, are free to download into iBooks. Books purchased on the iPad tend to be cheaper than their physical equivalents due to eliminated printing and shipping costs.
But what if you were to lose your iPad? Would you automatically lose all your books? Nope. You can back up your books to your computer so you’ll always have them.

What sets the iPad apart from other readers?

It’s backlit, so you can read in bed without disturbing your partner or read in the car at night.  The iPad is also a computer that will soon sync effortlessly with your Mac and iPhone.

You can also:

  • Play games
  • Take pictures and video (iPad 2)
  • Access your email
  • Watch movies
  • Listen to music
  • Access your calendar
  • Download your favorite apps……


Seth’s Say

I originally bought the iPad because it was cheaper than ANY professional teleprompter out there with more functionality (using “ProPrompter”).  I can control the speed of the words wirelessly with my iPhone.

I’ve used the iPad as an iPod, web browser, word processor, presentation device, social media tool, portfolio presenter, video player, and a wireless drive.  But it hardly stops there for functionality.

I can write scores (while driving down the road) using Garageband on the iPad and then open it up later with Logic to finish a mix.  With a simple adapter, I can plug my MIDI keyboard into it and record all the pedal signals and notes for a piano sound or a large assortment of pads and synth sounds.  My iPad can be an external keyboard for Logic Pro (which is how I wrote the music for Troy Yocum in this video).

When I’m editing photos, audio, or video on my computer and I have the need for a second monitor, the iPad turns into a wireless external monitor.

If I have to remotely access one of our MacBook Pros from across town or across the world, the iPad is the tool that logs me in and runs my computer from afar.

As silly as this sounds, I’ve even used the bright display as a production light in darker room situation.

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