The Space Needle and the Seattle Skyline

The Space Needle

We were informed that the Space Needle would be the absolute tourist thing to do—it’s overpriced ($18/adult to ride to the top!) and not quite as cool as seeing it from afar. So, in true Short and Hat style, we took the locals’ advice and opted for the true local experience by seeing other sights Seattle has to offer. However, we wouldn’t be able to fairly represent Seattle without posting some pictures of one of its most iconic landmarks. For all you cheapskates out there, you can get a good view of the Space Needle from Kerry Park in the Queen Anne neighborhood (where we took these pictures).

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The Space Needle

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One Response to The Space Needle and the Seattle Skyline

  1. Bexi says:

    OMG….those pics are ridiculous!!! You should enter them both in a photo contest! Absolutely beautiful. I literally gasped when I saw them!

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