Seattle Ferry Ride

To get to Cape Flattery and Neah Bay from Seattle, we had to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island.  We had only ridden one other ferry in our lives—the one from Manhattan to Governor’s Island in New York, so we were pretty darn excited when our friend Jeremy said that not only would we would be riding the ferry—we would be driving our car right on to it.

Now I know that for some people, namely those who live on Bainbridge and work in the city, ferry rides are no big deal.  However, Seth and I were ecstatic.

Our ferry took off at 1:15 pm, so we made sure we were there at least thirty minutes ahead of time.  When we drove up to the ferry, we found others waiting in line in their cars.  We paid (I believe it was $28 for the Subi), and then parked in line.  At this point, once your car is in line for the ferry, you can get out and eat at one of the nearby food joints in the area, making sure you make it back to your car in time for boarding.

Waiting for the ferry
In line for boarding

We parked bumper to bumper in a large, garage-like room open on both ends. Once the ferry starts moving, we got out and wandered around the upper decks; most people stay in their cars and read. However, Seth and I stood at the bow of the boat and danced together in the wind which was so strong we thought we’d be blown over. The “regulars” looked at us like we were crazy.

The Subi on the Ferry

Ferry Ride!

One of the coolest parts about riding the ferry, however, is the view. Riding back at night, we got to see Seattle from a new angle, floating gently on the water.

Mount Rainier


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  1. Wendy says:

    The night pix and the one with Rainer gracing the background are incredible!!! I wish we could have had one of you and Seth pants dancing in the wind….A sight to see I’m sure!!!

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