One Night in Portland

One of our very favorite bands were going to be performing in Portland for one night, so we all piled in the car to go down to hear them at Kelly’s Olympian, a motorcycle-themed bar featuring all sorts of vintage bikes and bike paraphernalia.

We definitely didn’t get to spend as much time as we wanted to in Portland; so that means, we’re definitely going back.  However, we loved the chill vibe there; everyone was cool, slightly different, and more “open” than people in Seattle.  A local told us Portland’s slogan is “Keep Portland Weird.”

While searching for food, we walked around the downtown.  The following are some of the pictures we took while fooling around.



At Kelly's Olympian

At Kelly's Olympian
Kelly’s Olympian

Mary Jane's

At Kelly's Olympian

Jeremy and Tyler

Collette was so kind as to let four road weary travelers bed down on her living room floor. Thanks, Collette! You’re awesome!

Short and Hat

Byways Cafe

Byways Cafe

Byways Cafe

Byways Cafe

Driving back from Portland
Driving home from Portland

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  1. Noelle says:

    Looks like fun! Which band did you see?

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