Gas Works Park

Our tour guide/friend Jeremy took us to Gas Works Park on Lake Union.  It’s probably one of the best spots to see the city.

The park is so picturesque; a short walk took us to an easily hikable hill.  Once on top of the hill, you see this view.

Gas Works Park over Lake Union

Seattle skyline

Kite flying at Gas Works Park over Lake Union

Gas Works Park over Lake Union

Seattle Skyline

Gas Works Park over Lake Union

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Once the Seattle Gas Light Company, Gas Works Park is one of the sole remaining coal gasification plants in the US; it had been in commission for fifty years until 1956 when it shut down. Instead of ripping out the old industrial ruins, Seattle decided to turn the surrounding area into a park; the ruins now serve as art and a reminder of an older Seattle.

Gas Works Park
Photo courtesy of anaxila

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  1. Noelle says:

    What great views!

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