So Many Things Are Happening!

So much has been happening lately; let us bring you up to speed:

1.  We didn’t win our contest.

We’re kind of confused on this one–we had so much help from friends, family, media, complete strangers, bloggers, tweeters, etc…  However, we’re learning to accept that some things just aren’t meant to be.  Thank you all SO MUCH for your help.  The support we received was simply staggering.  We are so humbled.

And now, on to the new stuff!

2.  We’re on the road again.

We took off a few days ago to photograph the Social Soiree party at BlogHer in San Diego.  We met several of the “Frugalistas” (the hostesses/bloggers who put on the party) at the Savvy Blogging Summit–they are a group of truly wonderful ladies who have a heart for helping people.

Social Soiree

Social Soiree

Social Soiree

The venue for the event was absolutely perfect; the Social Soiree was held at the New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego.  It’s a magical place full of art, imagination, and creativity that both children and parents love.

I’d say the event was a complete success.  Congrats, Frugalistas!

3.  Seth created the promo for next year’s Savvy Blogging Summit in Atlanta, GA!

4.  Financial blogger J.D. Roth of interviewed us!

He tracked us down immediately after the Savvy Blogging Summit, shot the interview, and posted about us on his new blog,

In addition to travel blogging, J.D. also enjoys Star Trek which I (Carrie) also happen to love.

Check out the interview – please excuse my extreme nerdiness:

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11 Responses to So Many Things Are Happening!

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Quite a remarkable interview with J.D. Roth – what a privilege! Of course, you are quite a remarkable couple. Just sayin’

  2. Short & Hat, thank you for photographing Social Soiree! Can’t wait to see all the photos.

    I’m sorry you didn’t win your contest but there will be other opportunities! Karma is your friend!


  3. Ann says:

    I am so sorry you did not win (you were hosed).

    We cannot thank you enough for all the work you both put into photographing Social Soiree. You are both amazing!

  4. Kelly Binfet says:

    So very sorry that you did not win. Looking forward to your adventures!

  5. elpidio says:

    Quitters never win, but winners never quit. where are you there. Anyway, Wow I like your post the picture is very clear and exciting event, great more power.

  6. queenabrelatas says:

    nice vid…I’ve read that guy’s blog before too. Small world. 2 more comments…1) you talk way more than Seth 2) I miss your face

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