San Diego Life: We Could Get Used to This

Very rarely do we find places we would actually consider moving to.  And we never thought one of such places would be located in California.  Having survived the first part of my (Carrie’s) childhood living in Los Angeles, my parents made the best decision they could have and moved our family to Grand Junction, Colorado.

So imagine my surprise when we pulled into San Diego and pretty much immediately fell in love with the place.  Why?  Let us list the ways:

San Diego’s climate is perfect.

After spending a night in Las Vegas (where it was in the 100s at night), oh, and driving through the Mojave Desert in 111 degree weather with the heat on full blast because our car was overheating, we were more than overjoyed when our sweat sopping little selves pulled into San Diego where it was a refreshing 75 degrees.
Think temperate.
Think 70-80 degrees.
Think flip-flop weather year-round.

The locals tell us that a 50 degree morning is chilly.  We tell them where we’re from, and they all agree they couldn’t do it.  Because they pretty much live in paradise.

San Diego is friendly.

The people are wonderful without a hint of the soulless snobbishness of LA.  They’re just down to earth, beachy kind of folk.  The kind of people you see walking down the street without shoes and a board on their back.

Del Mar

San Diego is clean.

Even in the heart of downtown, San Diego is still clean.  This town cares about how it looks without trying too hard.  The beaches are clean and well-groomed.  You don’t see a lot of trash or graffiti.

Safety is a huge issue for me.  Not once did I feel unsafe walking around downtown or in Old Town.

San Diego is beautiful.

You can’t beat the scenery.  I think I would always be in a perma-good mood if I had this to look at all the time:

Solana Beach

Surfers at Solana Beach

Solana Beach

Solana Beach

Solana Beach

Del Mar

Downtown San Diego is artsy and charming.  The Reading Gaslamp Theater (where we got to see a pre-release screening of The Help!) is lovely and worth seeing.  Also, the New Children’s Museum is a work of art in and of itself, enjoyable and inspiring for both kids and adults.

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6 Responses to San Diego Life: We Could Get Used to This

  1. Danielle says:

    Now I’m bummed that we only drove to San Diego long enough to visit the zoo! You’re descriptions are making me want to go back someday!

  2. elpidio says:

    Wow cool I like San Diego i wish someday my family take a vacation there, love it!

  3. LIZ says:

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures of my former home. I spent the first 49 yrs of my life there and yes, it’s gorgeous and there certainly are lots of reasons to love it. But I just want to say that after living THERE all my life and then coming to Palisade… I feel like I’m in paradise here. The areas all around Grand Junction are so wonderful. The spectacular ride & views along the way to Gateway, Moab, Telluride, Glenwood Springs, The Grand Mesa…. and so many more I’ve yet to visit.

    Yes, it’s a very different kind of paradise in San Diego and lord knows I sure miss the perfect & comfortable mild temperatures in San Diego… but THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE THERE and TOO MANY CARS with TOO FEW PARKING SPACES (and they’re so narrow!!) I can go to the Monument and not even see another person out on foot when I get out to walk around or sit & take in the views! There’s a BEAUTIFUL PEACE & TRANQUILITY here in Colorado that is RARE to find in San Diego any more.

    Trust me, San Diego is a WONDERFUL place to visit, but there are only a few special (& very expensive) parts remaining, that you’d really enjoy living in for a long time. I’m sure you’d enjoy it for about mmmmm, maybe 5 yrs. Then I bet you’d want to high-tail it back here to Colorado!! :)

  4. Janae says:

    Your pics are stunning! I totally agree. If it weren’t for tons of people and the fear of a gi-normous earthquake, i’ve always said California would be a beautiful place to live. And I haven’t been to downtown San Diego but what I did see I liked too!

    • shortandhat says:

      It’s a pretty ‘small’ big town. You don’t get the New York or Los Angeles vibe there. Everyone seemed to have the small-town attitude (the good parts of small towns at least)

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