How to Get Great (and Fast) Business Cards While Traveling

If you own your own business, you’ve probably had this happen to you.

You’re traveling, you’re stressed, your thoughts are running a million miles an hour, and you suddenly remember: you forgot to get more business cards printed. You’re headed to an event where you might need anywhere from a couple to several hundred. What to do?

On several occasions, Seth and I have found ourselves needing Short and Hat business cards ASAP while on the road (we’re getting better at planning ahead). Usually, we go with a really cheap online source (, but this requires a bit of planning ahead as it takes 5-10 days to ship to a specific location.

This is what we’ve found works for us.

FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers

On two separate occasions, we’ve called the FedEx Printing Center in the next town we’re driving through and emailed them our business card file while on the road, and within an hour (sometimes within 30 minutes depending on whether they’re busy), we’re picking them up on our way through to our next destination. We have to say they’ve done a pretty good job fulfilling our orders quickly, and the cards look reasonably good. Considering how fast you receive them, they’re fairly priced as well.

* Image courtesy of FedEx Kinko’s *

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