Fort Collins’ Alley Cat Cafe

The Alley Cat

Every time Seth and I are in Fort Collins, we always head over to the Alley Cat Cafe. It’s totally our speed. Right in the middle of town, right next to the college, super artsy/granola crowd, and art everywhere you look. Seriously. Even the ceiling tiles are painted.  If you’re looking for local ambiance, the Alley Cat is seriously the place to go.

The Alley Cat

Alley Cat Cafe

It’s just the sort of laid back, local-flavor place that Seth and I can nestle into and get hours of work done. And the best part? It’s a 24-hour coffee shop!

The Alley Cat

Patio at the Alley Cat

The food is pretty reasonably priced and darn good.  I get the Bruschetta sandwich with veggie chips–a vegetarian sandwich with tomato, organic greens, pesto, and roasted garlic cream cheese all on homemade focaccia bread.  Um, yum.

The Bruschetta sandwich with veggie chips - The Alley Cat

They offer a wide variety of coffees and teas as well as smoothies, shakes, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and fresh baked items like cookies, scones, croissants, and bagels.

At night, the Alley Cat Cafe turns into a venue where local musicians pack in and share their talents.

The Alley Cat

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3 Responses to Fort Collins’ Alley Cat Cafe

  1. elpidio says:

    Wonderful post, very impressive. Appreciated much!

  2. Bexi says:

    Heyyyyy….some of those pics look familiar. Did you cheat and use old ones?! ;-)

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