A Humble Thank You

Seth and I have just been absolutely bowled over by all our friends, family, and complete strangers who have rallied behind us in support of our Gain video.  From all corners of our social sphere, people have come out of the woodwork to help us.  I’ve had complete strangers come up to me and ask how the contest is going.

It’s all very humbling.

At this point, this is no longer about the contest–it’s about people coming together and holding us up, our community knitting itself together for a common purpose.  People are amazing creatures–the power they can create when they work together is incredible.  That’s what I think is so amazing about all of this.  Seth and I have been forever changed for the better as a result of this experience, even if we don’t win.  I’ve learned that you’re never alone even when you think you are.  All you have to do is reach out and connect with someone else, which I know can be difficult in itself.

So, Grand Junction (and beyond), friends on Twitter and Facebook, thank you.  This has been an opportunity of a lifetime.  Thanks for standing behind us and believing in our little video.  All we can do is say “thank you,” but we can never fully describe how grateful we are for supporting us.

Here’s to you.

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