What Are YOU Doing for the 4th?

We have the absolute most perfect day planned out for the 4th.

And believe me, you’ll definitely see pictures/video.

Floating down the Colorado River is absolutely a MUST DO during the summertime in Grand Junction, so we’re doing that in the morning, followed by a BBQ (that I’m arranging), followed by a nice stroll down to Lincoln Park to watch the fireworks (I’ll go into more detail about that tomorrow).

So, we want to know: what are you doing for the 4th of July?  Does your town do anything cool?  Do TELL!

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One Response to What Are YOU Doing for the 4th?

  1. Noelle Thurlow says:

    A little late – we returned from our CO vacation on the 4th. Unloaded and fixed up a BBQ. We took a tour of the flooded Minot areas. Then we came back and ate ice cream and s’mores. Others went to watch fireworks, but the wrx start so late around here (11:00pm) that C and I tucked in to bed before they were being lit!

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