Savvy Blogging Summit Recap

Both Seth and I agree that this year’s Savvy Blogging Summit was a complete success.  We had so much fun learning about affiliate programs, SEO, LLCs, etc…  It was pretty much just an overall kick in the pants.

As announced last night, Short and Hat are official sponsors for next year’s Savvy Blogging Summit 2012 in Atlanta, GA.  We can’t tell you how thrilled we are; it’s going to be a mixture of two of our favorite things: Savvy Blogging and Atlanta.


We are so incredibly blessed to have met all of you bloggers at this year’s Summit.  It really felt like a family, and for that, we are so grateful.  We’re relatively new bloggers, and everyone treated us so kindly no matter how big their blogs are or how many page views they get per month.
Please keep in touch with us!

Here’s the promotional video we did for next year’s Summit.  Enjoy!

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