How to Not Smell While Traveling

I know this is a subject of personal hygiene (*ahem* body odor) is perhaps not the most glamorous of topics.
But let’s get real here–sometimes a shower isn’t always as accessible as it is at home.  How do you keep from reeking?

Body odor is caused by bacteria.  The simple answer to eliminating body odor would be: eliminate bacteria.  After many, many hours of car traveling, Seth and I have become self-proclaimed experts in this field.  Stick with us–we’ll help you go from foul to fresh!

Norwex Body Cloths

Photo courtesy of Norwex

A friend of mine turned me on to Norwex body cloths.  They’re made of antibacterial microfiber that helps to lift and kill bacteria that cause odors.  The best part?  These cloths are made to use with water–no soap necessary!  So, on your next fuel stop, take your cloth to the bathroom, wet it down, and you’re good to go!

Hand Sanitizer

Photo by

In a pinch, I use hand sanitizer for more than just my hands.  The spray kind is quite handy for freshening your underarms.  Just a couple spritzes should do the trick!

If you can’t find the spray, you can try the hand sanitizer gel, but this isn’t as easy to apply.

Happy bacteria killing!



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