Gain’s “Smell Like a Million Bucks” – In the Final Round!


We’re a Gain “Smell Like a Million Bucks” Finalist

We are SO incredibly excited to announce that our video for the Gain Smell Like a Million Bucks video contest was chosen to be one of 25 videos chosen to move on to the final round of the competition!

To watch and vote for our submission, please watch our Gain Contest Submission on Facebook!

We’ve spent the last few days promoting the heck out of our video!  It’s been fun (and exhausting), and both Seth and I are experiencing the full gamete of emotions.  We’re drinking it all in as much as we can–and we’re focusing as much as possible on staying upbeat, positive, and hopeful.

We REALLY need your help! Here’s how to vote!

1.  Click the link to our contest at
2.  If you haven’t already allowed the Gain app, do so, then come back to this page (you’ll only have to do this step once).
3.  Visit one more time.
4.  Click the VOTE button.  Note: The final round is based on votes.  Please vote each day from only your primary account!

Here’s a quick instructional video on the process.

You can vote using your Facebook account once per day everyday until August 1 when the voting closes.  Also, you must be 18 years or older to vote.

As always, we couldn’t do this without you.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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2 Responses to Gain’s “Smell Like a Million Bucks” – In the Final Round!

  1. Andy says:

    Love the vid! Voted of course *thumbs up*


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