Thoughts on Home

We’re back in Colorado; we haven’t been back here since the end of February, and I can’t tell you how absolutely glorious it was to catch a hazy glimpse of the Rockies off in the distance.


Grand Junction seen from the Colorado National Monument

You truly don’t know how much you appreciate home until you leave it. Our little town is perfect to Seth and I.

To us.

I’ve started writing my book.

It’s just a collection of stories of funny things I’ve had the privilege of experiencing over the years, but back in the wings is the player that somehow makes it all work.

Grand Junction.

I want people to love it the same way I do. Not like a fan loves her favorite band–Grand Junction’s never going to be a star. And that’s ok. I want others to see it as I do, if only for a moment, to know what it’s like to sail the high seas of the Colorado River with your legs sticking to the inner tube and your butt scraping against rocks.

Seth and I have only started to begin traveling and with traveling comes constant change. But one thing doesn’t change: traveling, for us, only cements how much we love our home.

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