This Place We Call Home – Grand Junction, CO

Cliffs over Valley [HDR]

Traveling has been (and will continue to be) an amazing insight into other places, cultures, people, history, and stories.  Whether it’s the grandiose metropolises like Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA, or the smaller towns of Albany, GA or Fruita, CO, each place has it’s story to be told.

As we explore and share the stories we find here on, we hope you can come along and “Take a Ride” with us to explore the world outside the mountainous walls of Grand Junction, CO.

The more we travel, though, we fall deeper in love with Western Colorado.  We’re convinced there’s no place in the world like it.  We’ll be shocked to ever find any other place that offers anywhere close to the same community, business opportunities, moderate temperatures, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, wineries, art on the corner, indoor sports facilities, sushi, hiking, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, desert, mountains, backpacking, sand dunes, coffee shops, restaurants, snowball fights, college (even with the new ridiculous name), golf courses, safe public parks to play basketball with good friends, 4 wheeling, ATV-ing, gun shops, gun courses so you can carry the gun you bought, snowmen, hunting, fishing, culturally relevant churches, culturally irrelevant churches, spelunking, yarn stores like Tangle, mexican food that will make you feel like Los ill-bertos, views of the National Monument, views from the National Monument, bowling alleys, tourism, bands, waterfalls, breweries like Palisade Brewing Company, open mic nights everywhere, farmers’ markets, farm festivals, biking festivals, fundraising festivals, non-profits, festival festivals, and most importantly, a group of friends anything like what we have in Grand Junction, CO.

Although we’re traveling to see, explore, and share the stories of the world we live in, this place called Grand Junction, CO is home.

thank you to Johnia! for the use of his photo
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3 Responses to This Place We Call Home – Grand Junction, CO

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Your description of GJ makes me want to pack my bags and leave Orlando for a long vacation in CO!

  2. Noelle Thurlow says:

    I LOVE festival festivals. ;)

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