On the Road: Receipt/Document Organization

Since Seth owns his own film producing business, we have to keep every single receipt.  This is only slightly annoying normally but has been elevated to totally ridiculous while traveling.  Little pieces of paper end up everywhere if you’re not careful, strewn all over the car, falling out of pockets, spilling out of compartments.

Out of necessity, Seth and I came up with a good way of organizing receipts and all important documents for that matter.  (Click on the pictures below for more information.)

I think Seth and I spent $160 on this baby, but it was TOTALLY worth it.  It’s a mobile receipts/documents scanner that’s powered via USB to your computer.  It’s small enough to tote with you, and then you can scan as you go, and throw the receipts away.  The best part?  It’s recognizes text, so you can search for a certain word within all your receipts/documents.  Just a tip: they have a Mac and a PC version–make sure you get the right one!



Second, we bought a document bag for $5 or $6 (ours was from Home Depot but you can find them lots of places).  Into it, we stick all receipts and anything that needs to be scanned.  It actually holds a ton of stuff, and you can even label the front.



Happy organizing, travelers!

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