JUCO: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

There are several things our town of Grand Junction is known for: wine, peaches, and JUCO.
JUCO is short for the Junior College World Series, a junior college baseball tournament that takes place every year at our very own Stocker Stadium.  The whole town kind of shuts down for JUCO–it’s kind of a thing, even if you aren’t sports inclined at all.

What is it every year that keeps us all coming back?
Truth be told, baseball isn’t the most entertaining of all games to watch, but there’s something about it that is just so darn…American.  Going to JUCO, I get the same feeling as I would eating apple pie underneath warm blankets at grandma’s house.

It’s the tradition of it that knits our community together; you can feel the community spirit, and that’s why I think people fill the stadium every year.  It’s about dancing like a crazy person between innings, eating half a watermelon all by yourself, getting so hyped up on cotton candy, lollies, and shaved ice that you transform from the polite onlooker into some big, crazy,(sugared-out) sports fan.

I don’t really remember much about the game per-se (other than a really fast runner whose last name was, ironically, “Walker”).  Baseball is only one part of it.

It’s the entire experience.






I might have been caught with my Snuggie (the perfect JUCO blanket).

Incognito in my Snuggie at JUCO

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5 Responses to JUCO: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

  1. Bexi says:

    A white, ruffled cardigan at a baseball game? Only Short.

  2. shortandhat says:

    Allison was wearing an embroidered bird cardigan, and no one gets on her case!
    ; )

  3. Bexi says:

    I DID notice that…Good point!

    I don’t think any type of sweater should be allowed in a stadium except for graduations. Hoodies, people!!! Shorty Pants, I KNOW you have a hoodie. Your blue hoodie (worn almost EVERY day in chamber choir) was THE reason I bought a green one for myself. So…wear it! =D

  4. Noelle says:

    Um, so I am missing you even more. Also, JUCO rocks!!! Wish I could have seen “Walker” run some bases. Ah, GJ – How I miss you so!

  5. Jamie Hamilton says:

    thanks for the great comments and your support of JUCO, tell even more of your friends…Jamie

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