Cat Shaving

The morning after backyard camping, Allison and I got this bright idea to shave her cat.  Before you call PETA, let me explain.

Allison, not being much of a cat lover, has foisted the responsibility of grooming her cat, Evil Kitty (I call her Schuster), onto me, a self-proclaimed cat whisperer.  After several attempts to remove Schuster’s horrible mats (she’s a gray long-hair) which included kitchen shears and a Furminator, nothing could quite keep this cat’s hair from re-matting within a couple of days.

So, we pulled out the big guns, AKA: the electric razor.

Before launching our plan, Allison wisely planted a can of opened tuna fish on our work table; we figured it would distract Schuster from the horrible buzz of the razor.

The razor ended up not being quite sharp enough and Allison and I were tortured with cat hair that ended up on our clothes our our faces and in our hair, eyes, and mouths.

Schuster did pretty well though.  We decided on a “lion cut” which, appropriately so, gives your cat a lion look with a longer mane around the head and a pouf at the end of the tail.  If you would have stopped by at any given moment during the hour it took to complete this task (and I don’t think it ever really looked as good as we wanted it to look), this is what you would have seen:

Poor kitty...

Our recommendation: get correct tools for the job.

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2 Responses to Cat Shaving

  1. Noelle says:

    This is HILARIOUS! Do you remember when we used to shave Sugar a la lion style?

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