Backyard Camping

At this very moment, Colorado has PERFECT weather for camping.  On Fridays, you can feel the anticipation and then the mad mass exodus of Coloradans rushing out of town, jonesing for recreation.

My very good friend Allison and I thought it would be really fun to go camping this last weekend up on top of the Colorado National Monument, but, unfortunately, the weather was going to be rainy, so we decided against it.  Instead, we opted for backyard camping–you still get the outdoor camping experience without the possibility of being drenched to the bone.  It’s also a good way to save money.  Overall, we highly recommend backyard camping.

So, we set up camp.  Allison’s two kiddos, Eden and Honor, camped with us too.

Setting up the tent excitement
Honor’s excitement over the tent

Backyard camping
Marshmallow roasting!

Backyard camping

After roasting marshmallows about the size of a meal each, Seth and I piled into the tent along with Allison, her two kids, a cat, and a wiener dog.

You can imagine how much sleep we got.

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  2. Noelle says:

    This warms my heart.

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