A Grand Junction Summer Update

So many things have been happening around us lately. Coming home was definitely not a vacation–we were ready to work.

  • I’ve been putting together our taxes (yes, we ONCE AGAIN filed an extension).  Can anyone say Fair Tax?
  • We’ve been working on purging even more of our stuff.  It just keeps coming out of the woodwork–my dad reminded me that we had an entire table and shelves full of our stuff at my parents’ house, and that they needed the space for other things.  Seth and I spent a good few days delving into it, and after several (like 5) visits to GoodWill, we finally purged the rest of the stuff we don’t need.  Reader, it feels so good to drive up to GoodWill and tell them to just take it all away.  We highly recommend it. (I feel a purging blog post comin’ on…)
  • I’ve been working to transfer all our VHS home movies to DVD and then to digital format to my computer.  I have to say, there were several times I had to turn the sound off because the bratty, five year-old Carrie annoyed the pants off the 27 year-old Carrie.  Also, if I have to watch another poorly executed Christmas play, I’ll scream.  It sure feels good to throw out all those old, dusty VHS tapes.
  • A friend of ours told us about a Gain laundry detergent commercial contest to win $1 million dollars, and we entered (albeit late) a couple of days ago after a rockin’ crazy day of writing, producing, shooting, and acting!

It feels so dang good to be back home though–to walk out your front door and be so much more thankful for all the things you might have previously taken for granted.  We’ve enjoyed sailing down the Colorado River, hanging out with friends while drinking refreshing summery drinks on back porches, walks to the library with kids… We kind of can’t wait for the 4th of July…

We’re so blessed.

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