Where Can You Park Overnight?

Want to find ways to cut your traveling bill?  Hotels can be expensive and many campgrounds aren’t much better for the old wallet.  How can a person get a little shuteye without spending a ton? What if you, like us, want to stay in your car?  We kind of felt weird just parking in front of some random person’s house.  Where are you allowed to park overnight?  How can you avoid a late-night window tap from the local police?

The good news is that you can park at rest stops (unless otherwise marked)–that’s kind of what they’re there for–so you don’t kill someone falling asleep at the wheel.  You can also park at Walmart (unless otherwise marked) and casinos.

We found this excellent article on all the ins and outs of overnight parking/RVing.  Check it out here.

Also, we spent $6 on this awesome iPhone app that shows all campgrounds, rest areas, Walmarts, etc. you can park at.  It also shows places you can’t park at–like “no camping” Walmarts.  Click on the icon below to check it out!

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