The FAQs

Hey-o, dear Reader!

We are putting together a FAQ page, and we were wondering…is there a question you’ve been itching to ask us?  Want to know what brand of peanut butter we like or maybe which Bath & Bodyworks fragrance is our favorite? What about which Beatle was the best or whether or not Haley should or should not have been kicked off American Idol?

Or maybe you have a question about Short and Hat…the sky’s the limit!

Ask away!

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3 Responses to The FAQs

  1. Chris and Noelle (two) says:

    We want to know what is the best thing about traveling by car? What is the worst?
    What do you miss about home?
    What do you eat most of the time to save $ on your food bills on the road? Any $ saving tips?
    Has the price of gas been difficult to afford throughout the States?
    Do you love the US even more now? Do you feel more acquainted with our "home country"?

  2. Short and Hat says:

    Great question, Chris & Noelle!
    We'll post answers soon!

  3. JT says:

    Where do you see Short and Hat in 5 years? 10 years?

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