On Cousins, Productivity, and Homeschooling

We had such an awesome time in Jacksonville with our cousin, her husband, and her seven children.  I think my favorite part of our time with them was just watching their family dynamic.  Here are all these kids and this huge house and everyone is going in 97,000 different directions, and somehow, it all works.  Everyone has a job and knows what is expected of him or her.  Things get picked up and cleaned, laundry gets done, delicious meals are cooked, homeschool is dutifully worked on. 



I remember growing up (I hang my head in shame), it was like pulling teeth to get either of my brother or I to peel a potato let alone fix an entire meal.  And cleaning was pretty much the same way. 

I have also been seriously considering homeschooling our kids (when they come along in 10 years or so).  Every person we’ve stayed with on this trip who has kids homeschools at least part of the time, and I can’t help noticing that it seems like they’re getting so much more of an education than I ever got in private and/or public school.  Hmm, thank goodness Seth and I don’t have to made a decision either way for the next 20 years!

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