Northland Church: Internet Ministry – A New Wave?

Online Outreach 2.0

The evergrowing world of information is shrinking the borders of the world of news, travel, and now… ministry.  Northland Church (A Church Distributed) in North Orlando, Florida has taken a new approach to reaching out by sending its message, music, and even worship teams to not only locations across the city, but also out into the world.  This may not sound impressive at first to those that connect to churches by watching a live stream on a website, but keep reading.

Northland Church sends a live feed of not only video, but also channels of click-track, drums, bass, and whatever other instruments a live location needs to know that they’re in-sync with the worship of a body of Christians all across the world.  They’ve connected with correctional facilities, home churches, other communities, individuals, and other satellite locations to create a ‘virtually’ unrestricted church growth model.

Too Much Tech, Not Enough Touch

Skeptics may challenge the lack of connection the virtual participants receive, but Northland has delegated a full time pastor to the online community to pray for, minister, answer questions, connect, and love the church.

Northland Church is taking the meaning of outreach to the next level.

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