Nashville Snapshots

Visiting Nashville is like watching The Andy Griffith Show (Nick at Night anyone?), putting on a pair of comfy slippers, or listening to Dolly Parton sing–you just feel at home.

Below is are a few snapshots of Nashville:

Day before tornado

On the steps of the Pathenon

Downtown Nashville

Goose and turtles


Downtown Nashville

Mount Olivet Cemetary

Mount Olivet Cemetary

Brookline at the High Anchor Grill

Downtown Nashville

Isn't it ironic?

Broadway in Downtown Nashville


Ryman Auditorium

We arrived two days before the big earthquake that ripped through the South and killed hundreds of people.

The Parthenon

Love that kid.

The Contribute

Matt in the mirror


Day before tornado

Also, for the first time ever, I had a baby fall asleep on me–and not just any baby.  The cutest baby evar.

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One Response to Nashville Snapshots

  1. Chris and Noelle says:

    You have been gone so long you had a kid? Awesome! Also, the Church St & Gay St picture is absolutely hilarious. :)

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