Mary Mac’s: Down Home Southern Cookin’

Mary Mac's Tea Room

Food speaks volumes about a region; that’s why it’s SO important to us to experience each region of the US by fully indulging in its food.  And when we’re talking about the South, it’s important to emphasize the word indulge.  Pretty much the food down here is amazing, and I’ll tell you why: FAT.  You’re pretty hard-pressed to find healthy options down here as most things are slathered in butter and then fried.  But, oh Reader, can we just tell you how delish the fried chicken is? And the fried okra.  Lawdy in Heaven, it’s a wonder we’re not 900 pounds because we have been indulging. 

But it’s oh-so worth it.

So when the locals told us that we HAD to go to Mary Mac’s for some Southern cookin’, we were down.  We weren’t disappointed.  The food was great, and the waitress, this cute little black woman, kept calling us things like “sugar” and “darlin’.”  Pretty much loved it.  Supposedly, there’s a lady who goes around rubbing your shoulders; we didn’t see her (disappointed!), but if you’re there, definitely ask if she’s around!

And as I’ve mentioned before, Southern sweet tea is sweet.  Not subtlely sweet by any means.  We’re talking cups of sugar in this bad boy.  It’s amazing the tea is somewhat opaque. 

The infamous Southern sweet tea

Altogether, if you want to experience good, down home, Southern cookin’, check out Mary Mac’s.  You won’t be disappointed!

Fried chicken, fried okra, and Brunswick stew

(NOTE: I’m sure my trainer back at home is cringing at this post.  I’m gonna need some help when I get home, Janae!)

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