Cicada Invasion

While we were in Nashville, we got to experience a little sneak peak of cicada season invasion.

What is a cicada you may ask?


Little bugs burrow into tree trunks and lay eggs, and every thirteen years, they emerge and literally plague this part of the country.  Think the book of Exodus.

Despite the fact that cicadas don’t bite and don’t carry diseases, they’re still huge, creepy bugs that jump on you, get into your clothes/hair, and produce a deafening mating call.  The noise from one cicada is bad enough, but times that by millions, and that might keep you up at night.  Some people even feel trapped in their houses because of cicadas taking over their yards.

Check out this local news story.

Thankfully, we left Nashville just before they got bad, but here are several pictures our friend took of the cicadas outside her home.

Cicada exoskeletons

So, when you’re planning your next trip to Nashville, make sure you don’t visit during cicada season.

That would be April/May of 2024.

And 2037.

And 2050.

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3 Responses to Cicada Invasion

  1. Bexi says:

    Oh. My. God.


  2. queenabrelatas says:

    Wow, I just heard about this on NPR last week. Of course there was a bug expert talking who made it seem like something you don't want to miss. I was hoping they would invade FL so I wouldn't miss out. It's interesting to hear another perspective of the cicada invasion.

  3. Short and Hat says:

    At least it happens every thirteen years and not annually.
    Also, Florida has its own pests (alligators, black moccasins, chiggers, etc.) You do NOT want to add cicadas to the list! ; )

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