Atlanta on Our Minds

So when you think of Atlanta, what do you think?

Maybe peaches or old people or the Olympics?

But do you think art, culture, the hipster scene?  We didn’t–until we pulled into Atlanta. 

Everyone always talks about Seattle or New York City like they’re the coolest, the artsiest, and most cultural places in the US.  And that’s cool–but I’ve never heard anyone talk about how cool Atlanta, Georgia is. 

People, this is probably one of our new favorite cities

The city is basically in a forest of thick trees, giving it a sort of Garden of Eden look, a green, frondy paradise filled with charming old brick houses, hip coffee shops, and young people looking like they’ve just stepped out of an Anthropologie catalog. 

It’s the kind of place that makes me want to wear my hair in a loose braid down my back, ride my vintage cruiser everywhere I go, read old books in coffee shops, rent some crumbling old studio apartment, and live the life of a wide-eyed, optimistic, idealistic activist. 

Atlanta is charming.

A few snapshots of our time in Atlanta:

Atlanta skyline

Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta


Friends under an Atlanta skyline

Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta



The Subi in Atlanta!

Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta

Piedmont Park

Downtown Atlanta

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3 Responses to Atlanta on Our Minds

  1. Chris and Noelle (two) says:

    We are inspired and desiring a visit to this cool place! Thanks for sharing!

    • shortandhat says:

      Of course guys! If you have the time, take a look at Chattanooga, TN too! It’s a place we’ll definitely be going back too!

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