Short, Hat, and the Snake

While in Jacksonville and staying with the last cousin to meet (Seth had never met some of his cousins!), we woke up one morning to the sounds of shrieking downstairs.  Emerging from the bedroom, we found the family in uproar as Seth’s cousin had found a snake in the backyard.  Apparently, this is quite normal for the Jacksonville area, but as Seth’s cousin has seven children and Water Moccasins (poisonous snakes) are prevalent, the decision had been made to shut the family up in the house until we figured out how to rid ourselves of the snake. 

The next day, it was decided: a snake hunt.

The Snake Hunt Ensues

Armed with shovels, rakes, long poles, and perhaps a bb gun, we staked out in the backyard.  A cry went up: the snake had, alas, been spotted! 


It made straight for the bushes but not before Seth snapped the picture above. 

So how to get a snake out of bushes…

Come on out, little snake!

We poked at the bushes with long poles.  We sprayed the bushes with water.  We hacked at the bushes with shovels.  The thing just hunkered down, determined to out-stubborn us.  But we were not to be out-stubborned; Seth and I have experience with stubbornness.  

Some of us, with determined bravery, stood firm.  Some of us, who shall remain unnamed, buckled under the weight of terror, and fled to watch from the safety of a nearby precipice.


Finally, someone shouted, “I SEE IT!”  Our cousin’s husband, with fierce determination and with sweat flecking off his troubled brow, hacked at the bushes with sword-like deftness, and the old shovel lanced its target as the snake met its doom.

Triumphant Aftermath

Henceforth, we stood triumphant, secure in the knowledge that we saved the family and preserved our dignity as snake hunter extraordinaires. 



Although we did leave the bushes a little disheveled.

The aftermath

We found out after the fact that the snake was of a non-poisonous but still aggressive breed.

(Can you tell I’ve been reading Anne of Green Gables?)


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5 Responses to Short, Hat, and the Snake

  1. Brian H says:

    Got to love the little boy's shin pads!

  2. Trisha Jones says:

    HA! His outfit is amazing!

  3. Barbara Traylor Smith says:

    Thanks for the laugh! Sounds like your travels are at the least adventurous…

  4. Aunt Kathy says:

    Never a dull moment with cousins and family!!

  5. Donette says:

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