o-Day ou-Yay eak-Spay ig-Pay atin-Lay?

When you travel, every once in a while, you come across a talent that begs to be shared with the world. 

Our cousin, Beki, is the fastest ig-Pay atin-Lay speaker we’ve ever heard (and a pretty darn good singer, we might add).


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2 Responses to o-Day ou-Yay eak-Spay ig-Pay atin-Lay?

  1. Chris and Noelle (two) says:

    WE enjoyed the pictures of the birdies. Also, we enjoyed the video of your cousin. Also, we enjoyed typing enjoyed four times now! WE love you guys and are happy you smelled bird poop. It is getting warmer up here and does not smell like bird poop. Please come soon! Also, we enjoyed (5) saying poop three times because we know you love to.

  2. Bexi says:

    …and she spells her name cool! Hooray for Beccis that spell their name funny!

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