Leaving Orlando! Jacksonville: Here We Come!

After more than three weeks in Orlando, we finally left for Jacksonville to visit Seth’s cousin–the last one we’ve never met before–and her seven children!  I just want to sit and watch their amazing (and entertaining) family. (Seth and I are from a family of two children).

We had such an amazing time in Orlando and St. Pete–videos and pics to come!!! 

The sucky thing about traveling is: when you have to leave people you love.

Our Auntie!

I absolutely loved sitting on the couch in the dark, talking, and watching the storm that took out the power for three days!  Thanks, Auntie K, Herrbachs, and Clows for a wonderful visit.  We miss you already!

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One Response to Leaving Orlando! Jacksonville: Here We Come!

  1. Cousin Stephanie says:

    I am such a bad cousin for not inviting you over during your black out! All of you! I must have been wrapped up in work/Zoey world! I miss you both tremendously and if your swing back in this area I have a place for you to crash!

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