Lately in Florida

As our time in Florida is drawing to a close, I’ll share some things that have been happening lately.

It’s been raining cats and dogs lately.  This happened after our uncle informed us that it only rains “for a couple of hours” in Florida.  Three days later of solid rain and over 48 hours (and counting) without electricity, I’m not so sure.  All the locals tell us this is really unusual weather.  Hmmm…

The storm was impressive though.  It snapped trees in half and blew down huge limbs.  I could have sworn it nearly picked up the side of the car it was blowing so much.  We never get weather like that on the western side of Colorado, so I drank it all in.

See the red?  That was us.

Despite the inconvenience, I have truly enjoyed the lack of power.  It’s a good excuse to not take a shower (partly because you can’t see and partly because you have no hot water).  I’m not the biggest fan of showers.  Also, it gives you a chance to breathe.  You can’t really do a whole lot but sit and talk.  No dishes. No cleaning (unless you like cleaning by candlelight).  It kind of forces you to relax.  To be still.  My auntie and I sat together on the couch and giggled and told stories under the faint light of the skylight.
Such a precious time.

Plus, since the house across the street had power, they generously strung an extension cord to my aunt’s house, so she could plug in her refrigerator.  Circumstances like this have a way of uniting neighbors.  I like that.

However, all this rainyness has made me a little cold.

Before the monsoon, we were visiting a local church, and as we were about to leave, we noticed that our car was crawling with these nasty little caterpillars.  The tires were covered, and some of them had even managed to crawl up to the Yakima.  They were even falling out of the tree on to our heads–sick.






After brushing them off enough to get in our car, we researched and learned that this was the tussock moth caterpillar, an incredibly annoying pest that lives in oak trees and, once a year for several weeks, emerges from its nasty little eggs to drop on the heads of unsuspecting passersby after gorging itself on oak leaves.  Since our aunt had just planted baby trees in her front yard, we felt we couldn’t risk taking them home.  So, we sped to the nearest car wash and power washed those suckers right off.

In the middle of the monsoon, after the power went out and before the next leg of the storm, Seth, our aunt and uncle, and I sat out in the backyard for a lovely dinner.

I was, once again, cold.

Don’t you love the attractive double chin?

Also, I think I’m allergic to something I walked through:


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3 Responses to Lately in Florida

  1. Leslie Moniot says:

    Hey guys it's Leslie! I LOVE your blog. It's amazing! I grew up in Biloxi, Mississippi which I'm sure you drove near on your way from Lafayette to Florida. Those oak trees were amazing. I remember seeing those everywhere as a kid. Sadly, many of the trees in Biloxi were lost in Katrina. I was so happy to see such beautiful photos of some in Lafayette. Jealous of your beach trips in Florida and SO jealous that you went to the Harry Potter Ride. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that that rash on the foot looks kind of like poison ivy to me. If it doesn't go away you need to get a special soap and some calamine lotion. Don't scratch! It will get worse and spread.

  2. Noelle says:

    Write more, write more!

  3. Short and Hat says:

    Leslie, hey friend! So glad you like the blog! I didn't know you're from Biloxi! We're actually going to be heading back to Louisiana here in the next couple months (but not before we make it to NYC!! We'd love to see you!). We might just have to stop in Biloxi. I'm taking your advice and refraining from scratching the rash, and it's almost gone. So relieved I don't have the plague.
    So, you up for a visit?

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