Can a Get Some Sour Cream with My Bugs?

My cousin and I went out to lunch a couple days ago, and this is what she found in her enchilada:

A beetle we found in our restaurant food.

That’s a roach.  A roach. 

It’s no surprise that you eat out a lot when you travel (as evidenced by our growing waistlines); it’s SO difficult to make your own meals when you have no refrigeration, no stove, no storage for food, etc.  But this might make me buy a cooler and give up eating out for good!

And I wonder: how many of these…things have we eaten?

This got my wheels turning.  I did a little research on what others have found. 

Check it.

Also, see what others had to say about this restaurant, La Nopalera, on Urbanspoon!

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3 Responses to Can a Get Some Sour Cream with My Bugs?

  1. Noelle says:

    ewwww. That is terribly disgusting. Barf-o-rama

  2. Jessica says:

    Now that is just gross. People wonder why I do not eat out much and this is the very reason! One time, my cousin had a fly in his Big Mac. He took it back up to the counter and they gave him another one to replace it. Seriously, they thought he could eat it? Needless to say, he has never eaten there again. Simply disgusting. Also, my brother told us horror stories about what people who worked there used to do to the food. Just turns my stomach.

  3. Queenabrelatas says:

    Seriously disgusting! Also, I am really glad that you added that link to other really disturbing stories about quality restaurant food. Bon Apetit!

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