Annie Brooks Bribes Us with London

Young Traveling Artists Who Inspire Us

For my pen pal, Annie Brooks, traveling is a way of life; her parents took her on the road when she was little, and now, she and her husband blow around the world taking pictures, making music, and throwing the most scrumptious tea parties.

They’re pretty much the definition of “artists,” and they inspire us to no end.

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2 Responses to Annie Brooks Bribes Us with London

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Wow! I enjoyed the music and video of Annie's new release. She has a beautiful voice! The photos of their travels were so good too!, I'm glad you have each other as pen pals . . . you are a treasure Carrie!

  2. queenabrelatas says:

    Very cool…She is talented. I wish I was her friend too!

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