A Look into Nashville’s Music Culture

A Familiar Place

We saw our friends playing a gig at the Anchor High Grill in Hendersonville, TN (near Nashville, TN).  Their playing complemented each other like a duo that have been playing together for a lifetime.  Matt Griffith and Jared Gray of Brookline reminded me of a familiar scene from our hometown in Grand Junction, Colorado.  I saw underpaid, overqualified musicians serenading a group of locals that took the background music for granted.  It’s a shame they’ll probably never know that they saw Matt Griffith and/or Jared Gray before they were big.  It makes me wonder how many times we’ve taken the next Hendrix, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, or John Mayer for granted as background music.

Their Worst Songs

So instead of capturing their best songs of the evening, I hit record for two songs they’ve never played and had nothing but lyrics and a memory of the song on the radio before.  I think it’s better storytelling to show the bad side of the story… their good side will be out soon enough…

We love Matt and Jared.  They’re both amazingly talented, aware, and small fish in a big pond.  Luckily they’re growing to fit the pond faster than most.  The following two songs are requests from the local crowd.  They pulled the lyrics up on the iPad 3G and just played.  Hopefully this gives you an idea of how good they are.  Take a listen and keep your eyes open in the future for Matt Griffith, Jared Gray, and/or Brookline.

“Friends in Low Places” – Acoustic Cover

“Luchenbach, TX” – Acoustic Cover

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