The Tonettes Go National!

The Tonettes finally arrived at the Waterside Marriott in Tampa around midnight after an exhausting but awesome day at Universal Studios.  We were scheduled to perform our big All-American, patriotic show (1940s Andrew-sisters style–think Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy) at the Save America Convention the following day at the same hotel we were staying at.

The Waterside Marriott is beautiful.







From our room, we had a perfect view of the Tampa Bay.

Much to our surprise, there really wasn’t another option for parking besides valet parking (which was $21/day plus tips!).  The people there did everything for you–everything from room cleaning to valet parking to placing your napkin on your lap at dinner.  It felt odd and very different to be waited on like that.

Our All-American show went off without a hitch.

The Tonettes in Florida!

The Tonettes

Hopefully, we’ll have a video up of the performance soon!!!

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  1. wend says:

    Did I miss the vid of this yet? I wanna see!!!

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