The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial in Pictures

We swung through Oklahoma City to visit the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.  Seth and I were in 5th grade when it happened, but we both remembered hearing about it and being horrified by it. 

We arrived several minutes after they stopped selling tickets to the museum (which we’ve heard is impressive), so we walked around outside through the outdoor memorial.  It is something to see.

Below: tile art created and donated to the memorial by local elementary schoolers.  Seeing tragedy through their art is heart-breaking.

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial


Below: The East Gate: 9:01 am was the time right before the bomb went off–symbolizing Oklahoma City’s innocence before the attack.

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial


Below: The West Gate: 9:03 am — the time immediately after the attack, the moment Oklahoma City changed forever.

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial


Below:The Field of Empty Chairs–each chair represents one of the 168 victims of the bombing.  The tall chairs represent the adults; the small chairs represent the children. 

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

The Field of Empty Chairs


Below: A relief worker wrote this on the building next door which now overlooks the memorial.

Written by a relief worker...


Below: The Survivor Tree–this tree’s thick bark helped it survive the bombing, and now it stands today to remember the survivors of the bombing.

The Survivor Tree

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3 Responses to The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial in Pictures

  1. I included this event and memorial in my suspense novel, Danger Within, because no one should ever forget. Thank you for this post.

  2. Shellie Carr says:

    My mom was supposed to be in there that morning getting her renewed Driver’s Liscense. She had called me the night before and said she would be busy all day , driver’s liscense, groceries, etc.
    I went to work that next morning at a nursing home in upstate NY. We were preparing for lunch at the time when the devestation came over the news. Mom, that’s all I could think.
    Through the grace of God, my mom is here because she didn’t go, she was sick when she woke up.
    My heart goes out to all the families and all the lost loved ones.

    • shortandhat says:

      It’s such a tragic moment in our history. So many innocent lives were lost, but what a blessing your mom didn’t make it in that morning. It’s amazing how things work out at different times in our lives.

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