The Dilly Deli

We went to the Dilly Deli in Tulsa, OK for brunch on a Saturday afternoon.  The restaurant was alive with hustle and bustle and nearly full, quite a departure from the deadness of the rest of downtown Tulsa. 

Dilly Deli

We were struck by how cute and funky the place is; eclectic art hung all over, everything from hotel keys adorning the ceiling to tvs covered with newspaper clippings.  They also had a bunch of board games you can play while enjoying their delectable treats as well as a collection of books I assume you can swap.

I had the Meg sandwich (egg, cheese, bacon – it was awesome) and the french onion soup.  Now, I am a LOVER of french onion soup and am very picky about it, but I was surprised how much I liked it.  I usually like my cheese a bit more toasted, but the broth itself was tangy (lemony) and tasty.

Dilly Deli

Dilly Deli

Overall, the Dilly Deli is a happening place in downtown Tulsa–both stylewise and foodwise. 
We would definitely recommend! 

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