Paradiso 37 at Downtown Disney

The Tonettes and I decided to stop at Paradiso 37 on a Tuesday night for a leisurely dinner while we were visiting Downtown Disney.









Paradiso 37 offers a schmorgihsborg of different types of foods from the North, South, and Central Americas.  The restaurant is located on Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island and boasts a full wine bar and 37 different tequilas to choose from.

The place was swamped; I can’t imagine how crazy it would be on a weekend!  It took forever for them to get us not only our food but also our water!  Our waitress was visibly stressed, and hence, not really into providing us with a “Disney experience.”  However, when they finally served us our food, it was excellent, although the sides were a little small.  We shared two entres between the four of us because, not surprisingly, the meal was expensive.  Then again, we expect that from Disney.

At Paradiso 37 in Downtown Disney

Would I eat here again?  Between the bad service…hmm…probably not.

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One Response to Paradiso 37 at Downtown Disney

  1. Bexi says:

    Amen, that took forever and the waitress was a biotch!

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