Jumping and Kicking in Florida!

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4 Responses to Jumping and Kicking in Florida!

  1. al says:

    I like Seth's Florida hat.

  2. Bexi says:

    A. I Celine-Dion-LOURVE that hat!

    B. I'm shocked Short finds the 75 degree windy weather perfect

    C. How is Hat not dressed for the beach? …unless those are pants, which I doubt!

    D. I'm on Short and Hat YouTube and blog post overload and I LOURVE it! That's my word of the day. Lourve.

    …and Short's rubbin' off on me. I'm talking all wonky and find an irresistable urge to jiggy jog in my car. Do I lourve the Short-inspired vocabulary? Totes mah-goatadly!

  3. Janae says:

    You guys are hilarious!

  4. Short and Hat says:

    A: He picked it out himself.
    A. I Celine-Dion-LOURVE that you're using the world "lourve."
    B. I still wear a light sweater in 75 degree weather. You know. For the occasional chill.
    C. It's a little ambiguous, but Hat is definitely wearing pants, shoes, and socks: NOT beach appropriate.
    D. Keep overloading!!!!! Our cousin kicked our butts into posting every day, so you can expect it!!!!

    …ha ha! I lourve that I'm rubbing off on you!

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