Good ‘Ole Friends in Good ‘Ole St. Pete

We're in FLORIDA!

We stayed a couple of days in St. Petersburg to catch our breath and to hang with one of Carrie’s dear friends from high school, Aubrey.  We’ve pretty much decided there is nothing better in life than walking the beach with one’s dearest of friends and chatting about days gone by. 


The Subi at the beach!

The Subi at the beach!!!  People really look at us funny with our Subaru Outback with the Yakima on the top…in Florida.  In Colorado, every third person has this exact same setup.  Not here.  In Tampa, they looked at me sideways whenever I would pull the Subi into valet parking.  Our little car held her little granola head up high amongst the Cadillacs and the Bentleys.  We think she’s mighty alright.


So tired (and sandy).

SO tired.

The dock of the bay.




One of the most annoying creatures in the world besides the mosquito and the dreaded bed bug.



Carrington: a pest to the pests.






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2 Responses to Good ‘Ole Friends in Good ‘Ole St. Pete

  1. Bexi says:

    I'm so glad we got to meet Aubrey! She's so nice!!!

    LOVE the pics!

    Every time I see seagulls I think of …what move was that? Finding Nemo? "Mine! Mine! Mine! Mineminemineminemine!…"

  2. Sarah says:

    LOVELY photos my dear! Wish I was in Florida right now!

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