Denver: Rackhouse Pub

Today, we received a voicemail from one of our friends–Dean Schneider, and we HAD to share it with you:


We called him back, and he suggested the Rackhouse Pub and then treated us to a lovely lunch.  At first, we weren’t sure we had the right area as it’s located in Denver’s industrial area.  However, it was fabulous.

Rackhouse Pub

Rackhouse Pub

Rackhouse Pub

Writing this very blog!

Here’s our review on Urbanspoon:

“Located in more of the industrial part of Denver, the Rackhouse Pub was as surprising as it was tasty. We absolutely loved the “steampunk” look–and the food was AWESOME. The mac and cheese is probably the best mac and cheese we’ve ever eaten. We ordered the club sandwich and it was enough for both my husband and I.

They have free wifi, and the atmosphere is artsy and inviting. A perfect place to chill out, grab a beer, and browse the internet. We highly recommend!”

See what others had to say about the Rackhouse Pub on Urbanspoon!

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One Response to Denver: Rackhouse Pub

  1. Bexi says:

    Um, ha-larious! I almost spit my coffee everywhere. He's right, ya know…it's NOT fair AND over the top. But, you wouldn't be Short and Hat if you weren't over the top. =)

    Love you guys.


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