A Night of Magic – MVP Dwight Howard & Amway Center

Our cousin Todd, who works for the Orlando Magic, got us press passes into last night’s game at the brand spankin’ new Amway Center.  We took so many pictures and videos of the game, the team (including soon to be MVP, Dwight Howard) and the facility that Seth probably has a good two hours of solid footage to wade through to edit our video update.  The video will be up soon.

Officially, we are sports fans!  Basketball is oh-so much more interesting to watch than football (I’ve tried to like football for years–I pretty much only watch the Superbowl…the commercials). 

The press passes allowed us to go pretty much anywhere we wanted.  After everyone had left for the night, we had the place to ourselves, so we ran around like crazies trying to capture everything we could about the building.  The Amway Center is brand new and is the most technologically advanced building in the NBA.  The jumbo-tron is also the largest in the NBA, and all around the building, nearly on every wall, a high-def LED screen keeps you plugged into the game.  There are restaurants and bars and clubs–pretty much anything you would need (and then some) for a good time.

We’ll cover the game and the Amway Center in more depth in the video update, so keep checking back with us!

The Largest Jumbo-Tron in the NBA

Amway Center Arena

Coach Van Gundy

Magic Game

Amway Center

Dwight Howard - Magic Game

Dwight Howard - Magic Game

Amway Center Arena

Dwight Howard - Magic Game


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3 Responses to A Night of Magic – MVP Dwight Howard & Amway Center

  1. Bexi says:

    Those pics are SIIIIIIICK! Great job, Hat!

  2. Short and Hat says:

    Thanks, Bex! Um, we pretty much had a blast at the game–I never knew we could have so much fun at a sportsy type event!

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