Shooting the music video with Danny Tavori

The contrast between the exhausting 18 hour days at Barrett Jackson and the relaxing feel of Bel Air and Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA was nice.  Our friend Danny Tavori commissioned us to drive over to help him with a music video before he flew back to his new hometown in Isreal.  Danny’s picture is used in Webster’s Dictionary to describe low-stress.  I don’t think he knows too well how to be in a hurry or punctual, but it’s the very thing you quickly learn to love about him.  Although he’s relaxed, his drive for music has landed him some great opportunities in Israel.  He’s most recently known for being on Israeli Idol and in a TV show about his family (his father is Shimi Tavori).

While in Bel Air, (at the beautiful mansion), we shot a collection of acoustic covers and originals.  The idea behind these videos was to keep it raw and real.  There’s no editing to the sound or camera.  It’s one mic (Audio Technica AT 8015) and one camera (Canon 5d Mark II with a Canon 50mm 1.4) recording one guy (Danny Tavori) with one guitar (I don’t know what else to put in quotes here).

Here’s the first of a series.  When Danny has some time around his work at the Army in Israel for the next 6 months, we’ll be working out the future music videos.  For now, enjoy the sample below:

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