Musso & Frank’s Grill

Musso & Frank's Grill



We absolutely loved this restaurant. It’s the oldest surviving restaurant in Hollywood and was founded in 1919 (we like historical places). It hasn’t lost its vintage charm. Our water glasses were never empty, and the service was attentive without being hovery or annoying. The food is excellent and timely. It’s got all the charm of old Hollywood (when Hollywood was great), and according to the literature on the back of the wine menu, all the old Hollywood stars were seen at one time or other at Musso & Frank’s. Think white tablecloths with red-jacketed waiters–where they actually clear away the breadcrumbs after you’ve crumbed all over the table (which, by the way, the bread, served first thing after you sit down, was incredible). The decor is definitely vintage: old, dark, shiny wood, a charmingly faded mural wraps around the top part of both large, vaulted-ceilinged dining rooms. Although we didn’t sit at the bar, it looked classy and inviting.


Parking is tough to find – there is a $5 lot on the west side of Schrader Avenue not far from Hollywood Boulevard–other than that, it’s meters and $10 lots.


Overall, we would definitely eat here again.



At Musso & Frank's Grill

Us at Musso & Frank’s.




 For all you history buffs out there.



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